PHP Repositories for Alpine

By CODECASTS - Based on the work of Valery Kartel

The main goal of this repository (both code and packages) is to provide the latest versions of PHP as they are released on

Additionally, we will include many packaged extensions from PECL.

Available PHP Versions

Alpine Versions are supported as they’re being released.

You should always use the lastest STABLE Alpine version, Right now, that means Alpine Version 3.6.

The v3.6 repositories are intended for alpine v3.6 version [STABLE RECOMMENTED VERSION].

The v3.5 repositories are intended for alpine v3.5 version [LEGACY].

The edge repositories are intended for alpine edge version [TESTING / NEXT RELEASE].

Right now, the following PHP Versions are available:

Alpine 3.6 (STABLE)

Only PHP 7.1 will be available for Alpine 3.6. That’s because PHP 7.0 is too old now.

PHP Version Current PHP Minor Version Repository URL
7.1 7.1.11

Alpine 3.5 (OLD STABLE) (LEGACY)

PHP 7.0 and 7.1 are available for Alpine 3.5. Only because that is how this repository started.

PHP Version Current PHP Minor Version Repository URL
7.1 7.1.7
7.0 7.0.21

Alpine Edge (3.7 - November Release)

This is the development version of alpine, that will be released on November. PHP 7.2 will also be released a few days after Alpine 3.7 gets stable, so PHP 7.2 will be available only on Alpine 3.7

PHP Version Current PHP Minor Version Repository URL
7.1 7.1.7

Each version is available on a separate repository, choose the one you want and follow the instructions below:

Setting UP

You make this repository available in two simple steps:

Notice: Be sure to enable main and community Alpine repositories first.

1) Trusting the repository

wget -O /etc/apk/keys/

2) Choosing and Registering the repository on APK

Before registering the repository, you should choose which version of PHP you want.

For PHP 7.1:

echo "@php" >> /etc/apk/repositories

For PHP 7.0:

echo "@php" >> /etc/apk/repositories


For installing PHP and other available extensions you can simply search for the ones you want:

apk search php7*

Package Conflicts

If official PHP packages conflicts and you endup installing a offical version istead of the ones on this repo, please install packages by using @php at the end of package name.

# i.e.
apk add --update php7-redis@php

Available Packages

The following packages are available for installation on both 7.0 and 7.1 repositories:

php7 php7-common php7-fpm php7-cgi php7-apache2

php7-doc php7-dev

php7-bcmath php7-bz2 php7-calendar php7-ctype php7-curl php7-dba

php7-dom php7-embed php7-enchant php7-exif php7-ftp php7-gd

php7-gettext php7-gmp php7-iconv php7-imap php7-intl php7-json

php7-ldap php7-litespeed php7-mbstring php7-mcrypt php7-mysqli

php7-mysqlnd php7-odbc php7-opcache php7-openssl php7-pcntl

php7-pdo php7-pdo_dblib php7-pdo_mysql php7-pdo_pgsql php7-pdo_sqlite

php7-pear php7-pgsql php7-phar php7-phpdbg php7-posix php7-pspell

php7-session php7-shmop php7-snmp php7-soap php7-sockets php7-sqlite3

php7-sysvmsg php7-sysvsem php7-sysvshm php7-tidy php7-wddx php7-xml

php7-xmlreader php7-xmlrpc php7-xsl php7-zip php7-zlib

Some additional PECL extensions are provided so you don’t need to build them.

Extension Package Name Current Version Available on 7.0 Available on 7.1
APCu php7-apcu 5.1.8 Yes Yes
Imagick php7-imagick 3.4.3 Yes Yes
libsodium php7-libsodium 1.0.6 Yes Yes
memcached php7-memcached 3.0.3 Yes Yes
MongoDB php7-mongodb 1.2.9 Yes Yes
Redis php7-redis 3.1.2 Yes Yes
xDebug php7-xdebug 2.5.5 Yes Yes

Usage on Docker

If you’re looking into this, you probably want to create some Rockstar Docker images, right?

Here is a very basic example for installing PHP 7.1:

FROM alpine:3.6

ADD /etc/apk/keys/
RUN echo "" >> /etc/apk/repositories && \
    apk add --update php7 php7-mbstring php7-any-other-extensions-you-may-want